Reviews for Ambush in the Everglades (originally published as Everglades)


"4 Stars... Loaded with gators, snow-white water lotus and cypress trees, as well as an incredibly fast-moving plot with a romance that readers will not soon forget, this book definitely has a variety of pieces that all come together to form a truly entertaining story."

–Romantic Times BOOKreviews Magazine


"5 Stars... McCarty knows how to build a tale that grows and explodes with action, suspense and of course, the possibility of that perfect love...."

—Tome Tender


"5 Stars... couldn’t read fast enough to find out what awaited them in this well-written, romantic adventure... An excellent summer read!..."

—Author Joanne Guidoccio


"4 Stars... pages just fly by because you get lost in the story... Definitely worth your time to read it..."

—Net Galley Reviewer/Amanda Y.


"5 Stars... author did an amazing job of bringing the Everglades to life... Suspense, secrets, betrayals, lies and romance, I can’t think of anything I could want more in a book...."

—Paranormal Romance Guild


"4 Stars... Very exciting and adventurous at the same time. What a great writer..."

—Net Galley Reviewer/Jacqueline A.


"4 Stars... panting level very high!...a real adventure/romance..."

–My Secret Romance Book Reviews


"5 Stars... Loved it! Petie McCarty made me laugh and cry. Once I started this book, I did not want to stop reading... A delightful romance filled with sexual tension..."

–Barbara T./Net Galley Reviewer 


"5 Stars... Just when you think this book can't get any better, it does. Just when you think it's winding down, it spirals back up again and has you sitting on the edge of your seat with bated breath... This is one ride you don't want to miss for the world..."

–Author B. J. Robinson