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I'm excited to announce my latest ebook release in November 2023--the Second Edition of Betting on Cinderella--by Amazon Digital Services. The new edition underwent some  rewrites, a respicing, and a kickass new cover. It's a Kindle Unlimited too! Yay!


After that, what's next? I'm working on the first draft of Earl Away -- the Earl of Dexter from Duke du Jour returns in Book 2 of the Lords in Time series. Dex chases Harry to retrieve a stolen parasol, and the wolfhound accidentally jerks him into the eerie time travel fountain at Haverly Manor.


In tandem with that, I am also working on Cinderella on the Rocks -- Ian MacVicar from Par for Cinderella returns in Book 4 of the Cinderella Romances series. For this story, I'm spending lots of time researching scotch distilleries in the Highlands of Scotland and learning how to cuss in Gaelic/Scottish. :)  Ian has inherited his family-owned distillery, and his wicked stepmother wants control. You'll have to wait and see which story finishes first.


All my series stories can be read as standalone happily-ever-after's. On my Books pages, you can read reviews and a sample of each of my novels. I hope you'll try one of my stories, and when you're finished, drop me an email at petiemccarty@gmail.com and let me know what you think. I love hearing from readers!


I wish you happy reading or happy writing -- take your pick.


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