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I'm excited to announce my latest ebook release--Any Fin for Love--by Amazon Digital Services. It's a Kindle Unlimited too! Yay!


In Any Fin for Love, my non-fishworthy heroine, Cody Ryan, enters a heretofore all-male fishing tournament and winds up paired with a sexy coast guard captain who makes her heart race and her head dizzy. For two days. Alone on a boat. Working as a team. What's a girl to do? She'll just have to bait and see . . . 


After that, what's next? I'm working on the first draft of Earl Away -- the Earl of Dexter from Duke du Jour returns in Book 2 of the Lords in Time series. Dex chases Harry to retrieve a stolen parasol, and the wolfhound accidentally jerks him into the eerie time travel fountain at Haverly Manor.


In tandem with that, I am also working on Cinderella on the Rocks -- Ian MacVicar from Par for Cinderella returns in Book 4 of the Cinderella Romances series. For this story, I'm spending lots of time researching scotch distilleries in the Highlands of Scotland and learning how to cuss in Gaelic/Scottish. :)  Ian has inherited his family-owned distillery, and his wicked stepmother wants control. You'll have to wait and see which story finishes first.


All my series stories can be read as standalones. On my Books pages, you can read reviews and a sample of each of my novels. I hope you'll try one of my stories, and when you're finished, drop me an email at petiemccarty@gmail.com and let me know what you think. I love hearing from readers!


I wish you happy reading or happy writing -- take your pick.


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