Dear Readers,


Thank you for taking the time to visit my web site and check out my books! I write the same kind of books I like to read -- action-adventure love stories.


The last year has been a busy one. Last summer I said good-bye to my wonderful day job at Walt Disney World, "The Most Magical Place on Earth," so I could write my own fairy tales full-time. To celebrate, I started work on another new series:  The Cinderella Romances -- Fall in love with the fairy tale all over again. Each story will have a new Cinderella with her own action-adventure fairy tale and all with a spectacular "Happily Ever After" finish.


The first book in the new Cinderella series -- Cinderella Busted -- is now complete, and Soul Mate Publishing offered a contract in June. I am now working for two publishers, and I couldn't be more excited to join the Soul Mate family! Stay tuned for the release date, which hopefully will be very soon.


In April, Desert Breeze Publishing released The SEAL's Angel -- the third book in the Mystery Angel Romance series. The cast of characters are different for each stand-alone love story, but the novels are similar in that an angel has been hidden within each plot. The angel's identity is not officially revealed until the finale unless the reader figures it out first.


In this new MAR, Navy SEAL Sean MacKay's teammate is murdered after stealing a deadly nerve-gas formula from Syrian terrorists. Naval Intelligence believes MacKay's teammate was a traitor and shipped the stolen formula to his sister in the states for safekeeping. MacKay is given orders to find the sister before the terrorists do and to retrieve the stolen formula at all costs.


Lastly, my present WIP is something completely different, a regency time-travel romance. In Duke Du Jour, the fourteenth Duke of Reston falls into a fountain in an overgrown section of his ancestral estate and wakes up in regency England in 1816 where he is mistaken for his namesake and great-great-and-so-on grandfather, the seventh Duke of Reston, who has been missing since the battle of Waterloo. I haven't had this much fun writing a story since Catch of the Day.


What's up for the future? Well, I can promise there will be another Mystery Angel Romance, maybe with one of the SEALs returning from The SEAL's Angel, and of course, another new Cinderella Romance. Try one of my stories, and when you're finished, drop me a line and let me know what you think. I wish you happy reading or happy writing -- take your pick.


Best always, 




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